EE in container or ground?

tessaduncanMay 6, 2005

I successfully overwintered my EEs & they're already a foot high so I have to plant soon (our last frost date is in a couple of weeks) but where? Last year they were in 22" pots & didn't really do that well. They never got taller than about a foot & a half & I had a problem with yellowing leaves later in the season. (They were well-watered & in full sun). The 'bulbs' were huge though; I started with coconut-size & when I unpotted them last fall they were like footballs! Were the pots too small & did that stunt their growth? I'd like to keep them in pots but I'll put them in the ground if I have to.

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How about a large container such as a half whisky barrel? Plant them in a completely organic material that stays very moist to even wet. It sounds like your plants last year were starved for moisture and probably nutrients. When in growth they are heavy feeders! Also, give them plenty of sun too, provided the roots remain moist. Hotter soil will give you better growth. Another option is to buy a small hard plastic kiddy pool and sink it in the ground. Put a few holes half way up the sides (four is enough) but not in the bottom. Fill with top soil or the like. This mini-bog will suit them well.

In Florida these grow wild along canal banks and can get HUGE. In the south I would protect them from full on sun, but in your zone I'd give them much more. PF

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