Callas in containers,how deep?

mollyzone5May 5, 2005

I potted up my callas at 2 per each 6 inch pot in the house to get them started.Now I am looking to transplant these into containers.I have some that are 8in x 8in x 7in tall.Would these be big enough,will they still multiply in these?I also have some 8in x 15in x 6in tall.Which of these would be better or are any of them big enough?Thanks.

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forester2(z2/3 BC)

Callas can stand being root bound a bit. I also plant callas in pots and usually stick to 4 large or medium "tubers" in a 10" to 12" diameter pot. The pots are all 8-10" deep. I find this gives them enough room to expand and multiply through the growing season and still lets me get them out of the pots in the fall.
I usually plant the tubers about 2" deep.
I definitely wouldn't put more than 2 callas in your size pots. I find that bigger is better for ease of removal in the fall (I've had some tubers grow so large they get stuck and I had to break the pot to get them out).
Also the smaller the pot size, the more you have to water.
Hope this helps a bit.
good luck with your callas.

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