Jack-in-the pulpit flower orientation

johnsonm08(5a)May 15, 2013

This is the second year flowering for my Jack-in-the pulpit, and both times now the inflo has faced the house. It's on the east side, and gets a fair amount of sun. The open side of the spathe faces the wall both times. Does anyone know if its facing away from the sun, it's how the tuber is oriented, or maybe just wants to face west?

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I would plant it under a tree in the shade, with good moist soil and water moderately. Arisaemas are woodland plants and grow in the understory of trees. They are best moved in the Spring when it is a little cooler.

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iamwhatiam52(6/7Long IslndNY)

I had one in the same place for years and it always flowered in the same direction.... toward the house. I don't know if that is because of flowering toward less light, or because tte plant knows which way it is facing.

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I had the same experience c a sunflower. I guess the reflection of the white stucco was brighter than the actual sun to this silly plant.

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