Morphs on prime-time news!

CarolynA(sierras)May 26, 2005

There was a segment on a news channel in Los Angeles last night about a "rare" amorphophallus that was in bloom at a Southern Calif university. I saw it on Directv at 10pm. It said it was the first time the plant had bloomed in 30 years. They didn't say the name of the plant but it looked like my Dracunculus Vulgaris. It was pretty cool to see one of our stinky little friends on Prime Time! Whoohoo!!

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Tonight on local TV here in southern Louisiana, of all places, there was a very brief feaure about an Amorphophallus titanum blooming in San Diego. I think the local reporter called it an arum lily, but the picture was quite unmistakable. Had some jocular remarks about why anyone would grow a stinky plant. Ha Ha! Guess I should be grateful for anything about them. Maybe I should even send them an email thanking them. Couldn't have been yours, I don't think, 'cause they said it only bloomed every other year--not every thirty years!

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