Elephant ear bulb not doing anything.

destanyMay 15, 2005

I've had this "mammoth elephant ear" bulb in moist soil for nearly a month. It's not doing anything. It's in a pot, in a sunny location, the soil has been kept moist. I dug it up yesterday, no roots, shoots, nothing, nadda, it's exactly as it was when I planted it. Not squishy either, no rotton smell when I dug it up.

Did I do something wrong? How do I get this thing to grow?


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windclimber(z5 KS,close to KCMO)

D- I have had that happen to me before. I am no tropical expert by any means, however My EE's planted in partial to full morning shade,and good sun the rest of the day seem to do better than the ones planted in full sun all day. The ones that did not make it were in full sun all day, and wet all the time after planting as they were at the end of a slope.
Maybe this could attribute or help you, I think there can be bad bulbs too.

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My EE's are not up yet either, except for 1. But, we have had extraordinarily cool weather for Oklahoma this past month. I would imagine you are experiencing similar conditions? For me, EE's don't do much of anything until the days and nights are consistently warm. These temp fluctuations we are having are not doing a thing for them, and I still anxiously await the warmth of the sun and warmer nights for my EE's to emerge. I have the regular c. esculenta and the giant, too.


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I'd just wait, it's simply still dormant. They are bearly stirring here either. PF

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Thanks for the replies! I'll just sit and be patient then, there's still hope!


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Elephant ears require warm soil before they break dormancy. Try warming the soil to a consistent minimum of 60-70F and yours should wake up. Otherwise, your plan to be patient sounds like a good one!

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Thought I would give you an update. My colocasia esculentas are up and at it, as is my upright EE - FINALLY!

How are yours doing now, after all that patience we had to exert. I might as well have worked a full day in the garden, as much as I worried about these babies.

Susan (OKC zone 7a)

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windclimber(z5 KS,close to KCMO)

Yea Sus- They just have to be sure its safe to come out (grin) The ones in the morning shade now are huge!! They are in a row with the plants that get the longest sun the biggest. The ones in full sun are doing good too. I keep pouring the water to them during this dry spell. Lots of mulch.
Something very interesting this year is : I find little ones comeing up far away from the main bulb. I think that this has something to do with this area being the place I had them last year.
Could they have somehow overwintered?

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Okay: I'm still wondering and trying to be patient.

Planted mammoth EE in mid-March--indoors. This is what I've been doing to EE's for just years. This one never emerged. Moved onto deck in sunny, warm location after the weather warmed. No action.

Checked down under the soil to see what's what. (did I plant it upside down? Rot? anything?) and found that the top of the bulb has several little "eyes" (buds, I think).

Let it sit uncovered for a few days. No action. Recovered.
Still no action. It's been 95 degrees and warmer.

Is it a "dud"? Any suggestions?

Thanks for your input!

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You're in zone 4, so I would imagine they are not quite ready to put forth much in the way of growth, despite your 95 degrees and warmer. What are your night temps? I think that has a lot to do with it, too.

My regular EEs have one leaf about 4' tall, but the rest are still small. The upright EE has just broken ground and is still very slow at best. When they do decide it's time to grow, katy bar the door. It will seem like it happens overnight. My hitchhiker EE is putting out its 2nd leaf, yeah! The wentii has several leaves on it, the largest of which is about 8", so it's still got a ways to go.

Windclimber - anything's possible, and if you mulched them well and had a mild winter (like we did), it's highly likely. I think these things are hardier than we have ever given them credit for. Every year, I worry, worry, worry, that they are lost, and when I finally give up the ghost, here they come. We gave been very dry here. June has been our rainiest month, which is odd. Now we're in for the drought. Probably won't see rain until late September. sigh.....


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