A. paeoniifolius newbie

farslayrMay 25, 2005

I've grown the Konjac, but I'm venturing out..!

I've recently aquired a corm and have a question or two.. This corm appears dormant, as the konjacs I have already start to sprout (inside on a shelf) on their own, this time of year.

Will it start to grow once I plant it? I plan to grow it in a pot this year - should I just pot it up and treat it like the others - minimal water until it breaks ground..? Is the dormancy period a little different for the paeoniifolius?

Anything else you can think of that's different in growing the two, please feel free to post your experiences..!

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unworthy of a response i guess...

bump on down

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eukaryote(Kansas City, MO z6)

I probably don't have any knowledge about this species that you don't have, but my paeoniifolius is just starting to break dormancy now. I potted it up about two weeks ago after noticing the beginning of a white growth tip. It is just now breaking the soil.

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I live in seattle Wa. the problem that I had with this guy is that it didnt want to wake up til mid july ... and of course by then it didnt have much in the way of a growing season left. I ended up getting a bulb smaller than what I started with.

If it has no root nubs on the base of the shoot ... you can go ahead and plant it if youre willing to accept the risk of rotting it. Give it minimal water until it breaks the soil surface. Its been told to me and I have also noticed that if you take a bulb with no root nubs and place it in a pot with lightly damp soil .. this can wake it up though there is an increased chance that it will sit there and rott


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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Pot it up- or put it in a bag w/ moist peat moss. Moist, not wet.

As said above- don't water it much untill it starts to grow.

Some of mine are in full leaf, some haven't even broken the surface yet. They've all been growing together for years.. SO I haven't the faintest why their schedules are off.

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