elephant ear

cheryl919(z5 IA)May 30, 2010

I bought an elephat ear bulb this year at Wal-Mart. It is growing fine. I have been noticeing brown spots on it and that kind of ruins the whole look. One leaf is brown all the way around the edge. There is a new leaf ready to uncurl and it already has a few brown spots on it. I noticed fruit flies or nats in the pot on top. I have been spraying it every now and then. Any suggestions?

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You said you have it in a pot? The bugs your seeing are probably fungus knats not fruit flies. Colocasia like lots of water. I'm not sure about the brown leaf margins. Do you have a pic?

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Since it is possible the "spots" are natural to the species you purchased, being able to offer advice is very difficult without photos as requested above.

This plant is likely a Colocasia since you mentioned a "bulb" but could easily a member of another genus as well. There also easily over 150 forms of Colocasia depending on the species and the cultivar. Some like very wet soil while others prefer drier conditions. The term "Elephant Ear" is used for many different plants which often makes good advice difficult.

It is certainly not critical that anyone call the tuber by the correct name but no aroid grows from a bulb or corm. According to the texts, all grow from tubers. These are simply causal terms for the starch storage container that is truly the underground stem of the plant.

If you can post photos clearly showing the top and bottom of the leaves as well as the petioles that support the leaves someone should be able to give you better advice.


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