Wanted: Anthurium Andreanum Midori or Obake type

jennabee(9)May 28, 2007

Hi everyone, I have been looking for an Anthurium Andreanum Midori (lime green spathe, with yellow/green spadex) or any Obake type particularly any larger growing blooms with green and pink on the spathe, but really almost any Obake would be desireable.

If anyone has one that they would be willing to sell or can send me a link to a store that carries it, I would be most appriciative. I would love to do trade, but I really have very few plants and I am trying to build my collection currently!

All my local stores only seem to carry the Anthuriu Andreanum with the pink spathe and white spadex. I almost rarely see the red ones around here, and I have never seen any Obake types in local stores.

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I got a large Obake type anthurium at either HD or Lowe's last winter. It has the red/green coloring and is doing very well. This was in West Melbourne, FL.

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