Yellow calla lily leaves

nital(9b)May 8, 2005

I started growing some calla lily tubers about two months ago, and they were growing nicely. Last week, I transplanted them out to the garden, and today I noticed that one of the calla lilies has a BRIGHT yellow leaf, and that two other plants have leaves that are turning yellow. Anyone know what's causisng this, and hwat I can do to fix it? Thanks. Anita

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hen11(z7 Eng UK)

not enough water and/or too much sun.

probably the latter of the two

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I realize your ? was a while ago-
but FWIW

I have had a leaf of yellow that is touching the flower---turn the same color as the flower. On a couple plants over the past 2 years. It's as if the color runs! The plants were fine and vigorous.
Is that the color? or is it a "I'm sick" color?

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