Alocasia 'Stingray'

bihai(zone 9)May 24, 2007

I bought this plant in March at a Botanical Gardens sale. I don't know much about it. Where did it come from? Its "new" supposedly. Its very cool, I like it a lot, and its growing fast!

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Neat indeed, Bihai! Hope someone knows about it.

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

There are many hits on google saying it is from Asia , but I have it on good authority it is really from PNG .
Easy grower and lots of corms produced .

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

This is what I found out about 'Stingray'.

This unusual looking Alocasia was probably a mutation that stayed true. They originate from Thailand and has been preserved through tissue culture. They do well with up to 50% shade and do well with regular fertilization. They can attain a height of to 2m fairly quickly. The earliest mention of them I could find was 2004.

If I'm not mistaken, my Alocasia 'Stingray' originated from Florida and is about 3 ft. tall! Either way, no matter the origin, ~*~Very cool~*~ plant!

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I found one of these plants marked down to $11.50 at Lowes today

Had seen it for sale a few weeks there . and seems not to many that they offered did sell
Is quite large potted.
So have been reading about it to decide just where I will plant the neat plant.

Does sound interesting
I am only here half a year, so am taking a chance on this plant that it will do okay in the spot I will place it

But, after reading some information I found on line, think I have just the spot for it

Would like to have it in a more showy location that people will readily see but alas, it can not be.
Bihai do you still have your plant I am gardening in Florida but only half a year Reside the other half in Canada

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