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MFIXMarch 20, 2013

First day of Spring today, can you believe it? Pretty soon, we'll be seeing these, if it doesn't stop snowing, that is.

Anyone have problems with late frost killing off buds last Spring? Last year we lost blooms from three azaleas due to a late hard frost, after an unseasonal March warm-up. It looks like a couple of azaleas have very small buds, do you think they will bloom? The rhodo pictured was not effected, just wanted something to look at to think of Spring.

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Ah, well the picture was fabulous.Last year on this date it was around 82F and my azaleas dogwoods and rhodos were in full bloom. But this year: azaleas are just starting to break dormancy and buds are breaking, my dogwood finally got its buds to start to open, and my rhodos just hate it now they have yet to even break dormancy. All my other things are just starting to show tiny leaves. Hmmm last year 82F.... today about 48F lol we'll get to at least 65F by next week hopefully.

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