Colocasia Gigantea 'giant thailand strain'

chris_e_ukMay 23, 2008

I recently lost one of Colocasia Gigantea 'giant thailand strain' to root rot after planting in ordinary garden compost full of organic matter and have since learnt that these plant are prone to root-rot if the soil is not well drained enough. I intend to buy another plant also the giant thailand strain and would like to know how to avoid this happening again. What are other growers of this plant growing it in. Any advice on the cultivation of this plant would be appreciated.

Regards, Chris.......UK

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I don't think they are inherently prone to rot, many Colocasia are marginal aquatic plants. I have a thailand giant that I drown with water - but only when it is warm. I also have others that I keep in a pot without drainage holes so that they stay wet.

I think what may have happened to you is the dangerous combination of wet soil and cool temperatures, or perhaps your plant was too young/ small to cope with excess water. In these cases even semi-aquatic plants like Colocasia or Canna can rot.

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