Colocasia Gigantea newbie

drich30099May 12, 2009

I found this plant at the local nursery where they had it among the banana plants. I asked 2 clerks if it was a banana and they said yes. I knew it probably wasnt'. So I paid 12.95, think maybe I got a deal?

So, my question is; here in zone 5, Michigan, should I keep it in a pot for the summer or plant it in the ground? I'd rather keep it in a pot, i guess. It's about 2 1/2 foot tall, with little babies coming up in the pot, but it's about a 5-6" pot, should I put it in a larger pot? How big? What kind of fertilizer, if any, do they need?

Then any help with overwintering would be greatly appreciated too.

Thanks!! deb

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