Looking for Pink Evergreen Azaleas

arnesons4March 26, 2007

Hello! I am looking for a pink azalea breed that will not lose their leaves and will grow to 2-3 feet tall. I live in Rocklin,CA. Also, what should I do to the soil before planting. Thanks!

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'Gumpo Pink' is pretty much a classic and readily available. Others to consider are 'Girard Jeremiah' (double flowers) or 'Pink Ice'.

All would prefer a bit of afternoon shade, if possible, and well draining, organically rich soil on the acidic side. Make sure they get sufficient water during the summer months and any extended dry periods.

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this is probably my favorite of the pinks that i grow.
after many years, it is about 3.5' tall and wider than tall. it is a soft pink when viewed from a distance and the individual flowers are lovely.
it even has a pretty name - 'pink pearl'
this one is in full bloom now. 'pink gumpo' blooms here in june if you want a later-flowering shrub.
(click the thumbnail for a larger image)

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nanahanna(a8 AR)

Oooh Jeff! I love this one! Don't mean to hijack arnesons...I have gumpo pink and white and they have done extremely well here and are still tiny...about 10 to 12" tall after 3 years. I wonder how it would do in hot humid zone 8 South Arkansas? I would imagine our growing conditions are similar? All our other azaleas do great here...so our soil must be pretty acid, right?


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this one should grow as well as your others. nothing special about its requirements and i would think we live in similar weather zones (it's really hot and humid here during summer, too).
'pink pearl' is in an oak woodland site with morning sun and afternoon shade.

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How does "Pink Pearl" look when the blossoms die? Does it turn an ugly brown like white azaleas do, or do the blooms go quietly? It's a beautiful shrub!

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