Amagasa Satsuki Azaleas

yakkwak(8A)March 19, 2013

I have two of these puppies in containers on a top SW-facing covered patio garden. A row of low shrubs in front provide good protection from direct sun damage. One is planted in a large (2.5' diameter) ceramic pot for maximum growth, the other restricted to a 1' bonsai pot for training. They are healthy. I am in the far N. Dallas/Plano, Tx area - zone 8a. Suggestions please on how to overwinter them. Many years ago I wintered one inside and it never had great growth spurts.

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i raise over a thousand satsuki azaleas,all sizes and cultivars in zone 8 for over 25 years and had no problem leaving them 8 is not that cold for them.


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Donka, Bruce. That's exactly where they are going to stay then!

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