Dracunculus vulgaris-bloom, no foliage?

vabeachygalMay 1, 2007

I bought my 'voodoo lily' last year when it had foliage. It over wintered just fine, came up (I'm sure I was the talk of the neighborhood) but it was just the big fat stem and the flower. no foliage. what do I do now? do I cut it back? just let it die back and wait for the foliage? I can't just leave it sticking out of the ground like it is now!

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This is a terrific plant

I purchased a bulb of this years ago. Now have several of them
I put the bulbs the first couple of years in huge pots that I bring in over winter (to the basement sitting dry and in the dark mostly)
Doing it this way I only get the leaves and not the bloom. THe leaves are striking and make me happy to see them growing in containers
But for two of the years I left some bulbs outside in a sheltered spot in Ballantrae Ontario Two of them, in late April bloomed. Was neat to see them but boy did they ever stink and flys and bugs where around the plant all the time Smelled like rotten meat.
I have moved a couple of times, recently and so have the bulbs only in the large tubs now I came home from wintering in FLorida about two weeks ago and one of the tubs although still in the basement and very dry had a bloom just about finished from the bulb

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