konjac bulb base rot.

btropical256(7a Philadelphia PA)May 12, 2008

Ok heres some info. My amorpohphallus tuber about 10 inches across has some rot on its base. at the philly flower show i had forced it to bloom for the show in which was a success. Now it was kept out of soil just a bulb sitting out up until the show in which i potted it in dry soil with a topping for show. So it bloomed and all and then when i took it home i left it in its soil which must of had some moisture in it. So i go to take the bulb out of its pot a week or so after and it had rot on its bottom. The top is fine and all but it rotted some of its base off. Now i had it out to allow to callous over in which it is almost pretty solid on the bottom. My concern is that now that it wants to grow i will need to pot it up and plant it for the summer. the shoot is up about an inch and a half and is ready to sprout. So i feel that when i pot it up and it gets watered that the base will continue to rot away and i dont want it to rot more then it did already. Any suggestions. I was thinking possible some powdered fungicide? here is a picture of the bottom of it.

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

It wont matter , the whole tuber will dissappear forming the new stem , and slowely replace itself over the growing season . Feed it up and double the size of the tuber .

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btropical256(7a Philadelphia PA)

Ok I will do that. Thanks for your help.

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