Perenial Calla at Walmart

jade68(6)May 11, 2005


I just bought a calla lily plant at Walmart and the plant marker said it is a perenial for zone 4-8. Is this true, new hybrid? anyone heard of it?

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forester2(z2/3 BC)

I don't kow what you might have but I've only heard of Callas successfully overwintering zone 6 and up and in zone 6 they had a bit of help (mulching)

I have to dig mine up every winter and store indoors. Its a big job but well worth the effort.

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No, it is very doubtful. The white Zantedeschia Aethiopica is the hardiest and it is rated zone 7 and up.

Here is a link that might be useful: callas

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that what i thought too but bought it anyway to see if it will survive this coming winter in zone6. thanks both for responding.

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