Elephant Ear is flowering

Mollysnap(z7VA)May 16, 2005

I live in Zone 7, Central Virginia, and have an elephant ear with two flowers. I brought the entire plant inside to winter as a "houseplant." The flowers appeared 10 days after taking it outside (about May 1) to a sunny location. I haven't had the plant a year yet. The flowers are white, and I have a digital picture available. Is this unusual and is there anything anyone can tell me about these plants flowering?

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lariann(z10 FL)

I would be delighted to share what I can about the flowering of your elephant ear. I would need to see that picture before I can be definitive about it. Elephant ear flowering is a sort of a specialty of mine, since I hybridize them and need them to flower so I can do my work.

I'll watch for the picture.

LariAnn Garner
Aroidia Research

Here is a link that might be useful: Aroidia Research

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I have alocasias and colocasias bloom all the time, especially in the spring time after fertilizing when I first bring them out of the greenhouse. I usually get orange seeds lateron and when they drop, they sprout and grow.

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A third flower is forming on the plant. The first flower is withered, the second is full, and the latest is emerging from the stem on the left.

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We live in Southern California and we have two 7ft elephant ear plants which bloomed two peace lilly like flowers within this past month.

Could anyone help us identify what species we may have? We do have pictures! =)
Chris & Kirsten

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Don't know if you made it to the IAS show, but I was going to ask if you have any new hybrids in the works for release (especially philodendrons).

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fliptx(Houston 9)

I just saw that mine is flowering, too... The stalk was broken so I cut it off and brought it inside.

I have no idea what kind of Elephant Ear it is... A friend gave me a small plant ten years ago, I planted it in front of the house, ignored it, and it's been growing like mad ever since.

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My same elephant ear flowered the next year, May 2006, as well. We used to bring the entire plant in for the winter, but this year it had too many "babies," and we decided to take out the multiple bulbs and let them winter inside in a dormant state. I, too, have had the orange seeds but they never germinated for me.

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fliptx(Houston 9)

Mine's never produced the seeds, or at least not that I've noticed! The plants grow so densely that I sometimes can't see into the middle of them. Do they spready through roots/rhizomes?

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Leave the flowers on the elephant ear plant, and the orange seeds will form within the withered flower. One day I walked by and saw a flash of red. The withered flower had transformed. Each seed is about the size of a kernel of corn.

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I also have an elephant ear that bloomed a flower and now another flower is emerging on it while the first flower is now dying. Is this normal? I have heard of them flowering but never heard of two flowers on a single plant.

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my elephant ears have a yellowish flower on it

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This one had two on it but the other one died

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my african mask 'poly' started blooming after a couple of years, but it was a pretty large plant to begin with, probably 2-3yrs old when i got it.
so i estimate it is about 8-9 years old. all tubers bloom ev year, last one tuber produced 2 flowers one after the other, when there was only 1 new leaf on the plant (it went dormant the year before), perhaps BECAUSE it went dormant and it was repotted fresh?
i cut off the flowers once they decay, but not before that usually.
but i always thought that seeds would be sterile anyway.
besides, using bulbils is a much faster way of propagation then seeds, so that's what i do.
but i like aroid flowers in any case.
here's a pic of mine last year:

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