calla lily seed

anna_lisa(Quebec)May 3, 2008

frist year seeding of calla lily

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Wow, how many seedlings are in that flat? Great job! I love callas....I assume callas don't bloom the first year from that true?


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That right it takes 3 to 4 years to get the flowers there must be at least 400 in the box I took about 5 or 6 big flower seeds Anne Lisa

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3-4 years? It would be so rewarding to see a calla bloom for you after starting it from seed. Don't think I could wait that long!


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good luck with your seedlings

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steve22802(7a VA)

Hi all,

I've been slowly raising calla lilies from seed too. It does take at least 3 years for them to bloom but if you don't get a long term project like this started you'll NEVER get there right? ;) I started my first batch of seeds 4 years ago and now most of those are finally starting to bloom. I started a second batch 3 years ago and they all froze because I made the mistake of leaving the tiny bulbs formed from the seeds too shallow for my climate (zone 7.) Then I planted another batch 2 years ago and made sure to dig them all up and store them in peat moss for the winter and they are now developing nicely this year.

Here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia callas can be left in the ground as long as they are fairly deep (8+ inches.) The catch though is that the tiny bulbs formed from the seeds need to be near the surface whle they are small so it's necessary dig and store until they are big enough to bury deeper.

I would encourage others to give it a try. Leave one bloom on one of your mature bulbs this fall and let it ripen and form seeds. Save them and plant them in shallow rich soil next summer. They are slow to germinate but they do grow along eventually.

My goal is to eventually have hundreds of blooms so that I can cut large quantities (30 or 40 at a time) to use as cut flowers indoors. :)

- Steve

Here is a link that might be useful: My calla lily seedling bed

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Hi steve thanks for posting you are lucky to be able to keep them in the ground. I cannot so I have to dig them up I have gro lights and I start my seeds under that. As you see they come out ok I started my 3 years old seed this year outside so far I got one bloom it its early. I like your white one nice and tall my white ones are all short and the flowers are small. what do you intend to do with so many cally I plan on maybe selling them to a garden center for one bulbs it cost 6 dollars and that the reason the flower is not a popular one what others colors do you have I have about 6 different colors we are sure to get some new colors with the seed remember some don't come the same as the mother.Anna Lisa

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steve22802(7a VA)

I have only the white flowering variety with white spotted leaves (Zantedeschia albomaculata.) I used to have a yellow bulb but I think I left it in the ground too shallow over winter and it didn't return. :( I wish I'd taken better care of it... I'd like to try some other colors but I've read that they are not as hardy as the standard white one's so I guess I would have to commit to digging them every winter. :( I think I'd especially like the dark purplish red and maybe try yellow again. But as you can see from the listings they are only hardy to zone 8 so I'd have to dig them. :( I do notice that Green Goddess is listed as hardy to zone 6 so maybe I should get one of those.

I like them as cut flowers because they last so long; 2 weeks in perfect form. And they are really stunning when you cut 30 or 40 at a time but to do that you need a large cutting bed. If I ever have a surplus I might try selling some to florists.

- Steve

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Hi steve do you ever come to Quebec? I would give you a bag of different colors ones for a few of you white one i have 2 white one that is spotted leaves but the flower is very small the other the flower is bigger but the leaves are just green but also grow short yours look beautiful sometimes i wish they wouuld all flower at the same time but if they did in 2 or 3 weeks they would all be finish with so maybe it a good thing that the timing is off. here is my pictures of calla lily that I grow check them out and let me know that you think. I have the black calla lily for some reason i cannot get any seed from it yet it does not swell like the other its been 4 year not and every year it flower nicely then just browns up and no seed boohoo.The yellow you have to be careful with it can carry a desease that can wipe out all your calla so beware it happen to me Anna

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steve22802(7a VA)

Too bad we don't live closer, it would be fun to swap some bulbs (and maybe other perennials too.) I love trading plants with other gardeners; it saves both gardeners money and helps build friendships! :)

From your pictures I see that you do have some nice colored calla lily varieties. Do you remember the name of this one?

By the way, I discovered my yellow calla yesterday in a completely different spot than it was last year! I must have moved it and forgotten! I'm going to treat it better and try saving seeds from it this year. I wonder if maybe it is Zantedeschia elliottiana and hopefully the seedlings will come out yellow too. I'll take your advice and keep the yellow ones away from my white ones.

- Steve

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Hi steve here is my e mail address if I traval to myrtle beach this spring I can mail you the tiny bulbs from there please contact me private.
there are two types of yellow there is a bright yellow and a faded yellow I like the bright yellow better I keep my label that come with the callas. The problem I will have in the future is the babies if they don't take after the mother. But I'am hopeing to get some new colors from them
the black calla in the picture is called black forest i only have 3 it was not cheap I paid 10 bucks for each yes I'am crazy but I have sold some of my callas so I got my money back the minuite somebody walk by and said your garden look nice I ask them if they are interested in buying some calla and of course they say yes. I have sold many like that. Flame is another beautiful one E mail me private I will send you other pictures of them Anna

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I just bought a few Calla Lilies from Lowes and they have seeds in the Lily. Do I leave the Calla in the pot,wait for the leaves to die and then plant the Calla or can I plant the Calla now and harvest the seeds when the leaves
die? The leaves are already turning yellow so I don't know if I shoiuld wait for planting.


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I bought six white calla lily seeds for over 3000 credits on Listia. The instructions i received were to put them on a plate with a paper towel and do not let them touch, then in 5-7 days the seeds would germinate and i was to put each in it's own individual pot and do not water but let them wick up the water from the bottom. Well, i have been checking them 3-4 times every day for over a week and nothing has happened. They are dark green and one is starting to look darker. I believed I would have a pot of calla lily's to enjoy by spring. I am so confused now and want to know if anyone has the tubers for sale? I have been given less than two years to live and have always loved this plant, but they were not readily available in West Virginia. I always saw them in church. I want the snow white ones and would be happy to pay anyone that may have enough of the tubers that would bloom in my lifetime. My email address is if anyone has any to sell that i may get to grow and bloom before i die. There is nothing I can think of that I would love to see more. Any response is appreciated because this means so much to me, i will do without medication if necessary to purchase these. Thank you very kindly and may God bless you ^j^

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Please, it is turning fall and i am sure someone is digging up some bulbs. Could you just contact me and let me know if you have the white calla lily for sale that will bloom this year or next year at the latest? I really, really want to own a pot of these and keep looking on the internet, i do not go out because of my disability so most of my shopping is done online or by someone else. I see a lot of postings that people have bunches growing, i only want a small pot and am willing to pay well for it! Thank you for any consideration and please just email me if you are willing to sell any of yours, PLEASE? May God bless and keep you ^j^

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