Amorphphallus paeonifolius with soft corm

KKGRHM(7B)May 28, 2013

Hey all, I just purchased an A. Paeonifolius on eBay. The grower tells me that it is starting to break dormancy but that the bulb is a bit soft. Anything I should worry about? I am wondering if it will be ok.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

More info would help!
How big is the bulb?
Any chance u know if it flowered?
Is it spiked up yet, do u see root nubs around the spike?
Is it soft like a tennis ball, or a tomato!?!
Any mushy or slimey spots, any wetnes at all?
Did it travel far, maybe in bad weather?
Any/ all of these could help, it doesn't sound good but it may have just used alot of moisture while mouth gets dry after 3 hours of sleep imagine months!
My konjac flowered this winter, while it still quite firm, it shrank and shriveled dramatically!
Best of luck

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If he says it's breaking dormancy that suggests it sprouting. It can take a while from when that begins to when the leaf breaks ground. A soft tuber could mean it's been kept too dry. They definitely don't want to be wet during dormancy, but not powder dry either. Paeoniifolius is more cold sensitive than konjac so you'll need to be careful with cold changes in the weather.

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so true paeonifolius doesnt like coolish temps.. my big corm came alive super fast once i got it in 80F (27C) temps..

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I haven't received the corm yet it is being speed and should arrive any day now. I was curious as to if there is anything I needed to do when I received it.

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A. paeonifolius likes to break dormancy when night temps hit 75-80 degrees F. I would first examine the entire corm for health, esp the bud. If you see any signs of growth on the bud, plant, water and keep WARM. Day temps can get into the upper 90s and this plant will thrive. They like filtered shade during the heat of the day and morning sun till around 11-12:00. I keep A. konjak in full sun all day until it breaks ground. The sun really heats up the soil.
Note: only water this plant one time until you see whether the plant will bloom or not. If not, continue watering. The spike will be long and narrow.
If you see a spike that is short and fat, that is indicative of bloom and the plant should be kept relatively dry until it is done blooming. When you do see the leaf spike, water and fertilize freely. The pot and soil should drain well and the corm should not sit in water. Reduce watering in the Fall, early Winter and store in dry peat or soil until late Spring.

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