Konjac for weight loss

beachplant(9b)May 6, 2006

In one of my nursing journals this month was an article about using glucomannan (GM) for weight loss.

Recommended dosage is 1 gram 3x/day, 1 hour before meals.

Apparently it absorbs 50times its weight in water. Says not to take the capsules as they can swell in your esophagus and cause choking-the candy is banned in several countries for this reason. After reading the article I remember we used to get candy in Mexico that contained this product, it was pulled off the shelves last time I was there.

Interesting article. If anyone decides to eat their Konjacs to lose weight let me know how it goes. I'm way too fond of mine to turn them into flour!

The article may be available on their website.


Tally HO!

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jaxfl_dude(z9 Fl)

Check out www.Konjacfoods.com I went on a low-carb diet at the first of the year and bought some konjac noodles from them off of Ebay. They were good in that they would take on the taste of whatever sauce you were using but pretty bland without. Had zero carbs but was too expensive to buy on a routine basis. Good for diabetics too.

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I havent cooked the noodles in any kind of sauce, but their slimy texture and total lack of taste didnt really make me want to do so..

Though, the best place to locate them is in local asian markets.. You can find bricks of it ... like tofu. you can also find noodles. It didnt seem that expensive. I believe it was labeled konnyakuu(sp?)


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I would not try any of these weight loss programs, including this one. Most, if not all of them, require large sums of money for products or programs that, even if they are safe and/or work, will probably not be long term nor worth the large sums of $. Not sure why this thread was pulled from over a year ago by someone who joined GW just a few days ago for what looks like placing an ad for this weight loss program. As far as I can tell, it has absolutely nothing to do with Amorphophallus konjac as that is not even in the product. It is too bad we are constantly bombarded by ads for things we'd never use, shouldn't use, even when we think we're safe like here at GW where we should be free of all ads and sales. (If this isn't an ad as it looks to be, please accept my apologies to all who are participating in this thread). Think of all the plants you could buy with the money you'd spend on this weight loss thing advertised here.

I have heard of konjac as a dietary supplement or some such thing. I'd try it as a food source found in a specialty or asian market as suggested if it wasn't much more costly than other similar foods, but not as a pill or costly supplement that would not be part of our food needs. Anyway, I have a negative impression of Hoodia partly because they have spammed my email so much and, thus, make me suspicious of the integrity and reason for such unethical advertising there, and possibly here. Just my opinion though. Apologies to anyone who might find this offensive. As for weight loss, the concept is simple and inexpensive, the practice is not so easy - burn more calories than consume.

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Pink I couldn't agree more! I thought it was interesting about Konjac being used as a weight loss tool, and I had no idea it was so widely used in Asia as a food, you can buy noodles, flour, etc. I would much rather grow them then eat them.

Hoodia, sounds like a band from Seattle, and I think I'd rather grow this one too.

I'm really sick of the ads here on gardenweb, especially the one of the guy in his underwear. PUH-LEEZE!
Tally HO!

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I don't know about the Konjac for weight loss, but you can lose weight with alocasia calidora.
First dig a large hole in the spring, burns lots of calories!
Second, drag a heavy garden hose over there every so many days and water it during a drought...
Third, drag that shovel over there and dig it up in the fall when it's grown to be 6 feet tall.
If you do it fast enough, I bet it's aerobic exercise.

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randy_e(z9b FL)

Konjac noodles huh?? If it absorbs 50x it's weight wouldn't be any water left after cook'n em...

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