What are your most vigorous Arisaemas?

braspadya(z7a MD)May 2, 2007


I am fairly new to growing aroids & Arisaemas in particular. My collection so far includes:

A. ringens

A sikokianum

A. candidissimum

A. triphyllum

The A. ringens really seem to grow much more vigorously than any of the other species.

Which species do you all find to be vigorous growers in your conditions?



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I would have to say my Green Dragon. It continues to put out new foliage and bloom until frost. My A.triphyllums put out 2 leaves per plant, bloom and then die back when it starts to get hot.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

A. consanguinum
A. engleri
A. candidissimum

I have others that are as "vigorous" though the three above are the most prolific, offsetting and setting seed regularly.

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the_mikado(z7 AL)

In Huntsville, heterophyllum, some engleri, kishidae (patterned leaves), and thunbergi(i)/urashima. Forgive the spelling, as it's from memory...and I am having some double-vision problems.

For some reason, my yamatense did not come back this year, at all, as did (not) a few others. They are too expensive to beat a dead horse, so I'll stick with the ones proving hardier here.

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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

I have the following Arisaemas ~
A. ringens
A. sikokianum
A. candidissimum
A. triphyllum
A. dracontum - Green Dragon
A. consanguinum - Both green and silver edged varieties
A. heterophyllum
A. thunbergi and ssp.urashima
A. Triphyllum
A. tiawanese
A. fargesi
A. kiushianum
A. tortuosum
A. speciosum
plus many seedlings of other species from the Arisaema Enthusiast Group Seedex.

~ Gerry

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Gerry, do you leave all those Arisaemas outside in the winter?

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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

chris l tropical ~

Sorry about the long delay in answering...I have not ben on GW in awhile...
Yes, I grow all of the Arisaemas out in my garden. I grow seedlings in pots until the tuber is at least an inch long, then they go in the garden.
I get good snow cover and good drainage is essential especially for the Asian Arisaemas.
I will not delay in future answers!

~ Gerry

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