wanted to trade! have amorphophallus bulbifer sprouts

mothernaturesgarden1May 17, 2007

Have seeds for Amorphopallus bulbifer plant. Would like to trade 5 sprouted seeds for any other types of amorphophallus (but not the paeoniifolius) or any orchids, lilies, hollyhocks and other bulbs or seeds. All these seed/sprouts need is soil! Instant plants! But would like to trade for others. Thank you.

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I was going through some old threads looking for amorphophallus info, and just saw your seed trade offer. Is it still open, despite being 3 months later? Didn't see your email link, so email me if you are interested in any trades. I recently moved to AR and have been looking for Amorphophallus this summer. I have datura seeds for trade as well as a piece of cereus. I have some unknown daffodil bulbs as well. Let me know if this is an ok time of year to get started with A. bulbifer.

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