Floppy Calla

candie1230(6b)May 28, 2010

I bought a calla a few months ago, it's in a small pot (like a 6").

Recently the leaves have started to flop over half way up the stalks nearly breaking them, so much so I have placed a tomato cage around the plant to help hold it up. What do I need to do to help my plant from doing this? Or what am I doing wrong? Do I need to transplant into a bigger pot? It's out on my patio that has full sun, also it's sitting in a larger pot full of water. Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!

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I suspect it as a rot, if it is not the White Calla (Zantedeschia aethiopica) because only Z.aethiopica can live with submerged feet and the other colored varieties such as Yellow Calla (Z.elliottiana) or Pink Calla (Z.rehmannii) and their hybrids tend to rot in this condition.

It will be a bit more helpful if you could post its pics.


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Here's a picture to further explain the situation. I really don't think it's a hybrid since it's 3 feet tall. The straws are holding up the original floppy stalk that was injured when the wind knocked it off the table onto a chair, the other weren't damaged at all. They recently became really floppy, started to bend and break. I really don't want to cut all the leaves off my plant, I will only have 2 leaves on the plant if I do have to cut. I really wanted it to bloom this year. Any help would be much appreciated!

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The plant is showing low-light symptoms to me, how much sun it gets? what is the duration? full sun have to be at least 3 hours to make it strong, also do remember that "shade" mean bright shade as only mushrooms can survive in deep shade...

The wind has taken a nasty toll of this seemingly a very healthy plant, it will quickly recover if you place it among other plants away from the route of wind..

Your setup of keeping it in a larger pot is a very good option for providing it adequate moisture. Once it recovers, you should re-pot it in a larger container.



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I don't think it has anything to do with low light levels. This plant is in full sun from about 8:30am until about 6:30pm. It hasn't been windy at all, all week and it's as floppy as ever. Maybe the problem is too much sun? Is that even possible? The two that are flopping over in the picture weren't damaged in the wind, one hadn't even emerged when the plant fell. They just fell recently in the past few days. The wind damage happened about 1 month ago, you can see the two breaks in the stalk being held up by the two straws. It usually is amongst other plants I just moved it for the picture's sake.

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You seem to be doing everything right, the leaves are not showing any burn signs from high intensity sunlight, in my opinion last resort is to re-pot it using a fresh mix.. may be someone with more experience help you out..

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Well obviously I'm NOT doing everything right if my plant is this bad. Please someone help me! Tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it, if possible.

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Is anyone out there??? I really could use some help!!!

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I've a floppy mini yellow calla. I know mine doesn't have rot in the tuber... but maybe yours does? Take it out gently and squeeze the bulb. If it is anything but firm (think like an apple) it has got rot. All you can do is cut the rot out and dust with cinnamon powder.

I think mine is floppy from being in its second year as a potted plant. Apparently they weaken when grown only in pots. I'm just going to restart with a new bulb next year.

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