Soft spot on Colocasia Esculenta

ces797(6)May 18, 2009

I have a large size Colocasia Esculenta "bulb" that is roughly the size of a small cantaloupe. I wanted big, huge leaves so I figured I would get the biggest bulb I could find. I've had it in a small terracotta pot indoors for about a month to get it started. I've kept it moderately moist to ward of rotting. The weather is getting into the 70's, 80's so I figured now was a good time to put it in a larger pot outside. When I was transplanting it I saw several growths all around the bulb as well as a moderate amount of roots. I also noticed a dime sized area on the size of the bulb that was soft.(when I squeezed the spot some liquid came out) I've read that as the offshoots begin to mature the "mother" bulb will turn to mush but I'm still worried that this small soft spot may rot the entire thing. Is this completely normal or should I get ready to go get another bulb?

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lariann(z10 FL)

I would clean out the spot (i.e. get all the mush out down to solid tissue) wash it with clean water, then dry the spot and apply cinnamon powder to it, pressing the powder into the wound. Then plant it.

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