Please Help This Calla Lily Novice

HeyJude2446(z7MD)May 21, 2005

I received a calla lily in a plastic pot for mother's day. It had a beautiful while bloom on it, with nice green leaves. The pot is plastic, about 5" in diameter and there appeared to be 4 separate callas in this pot. I watered it, left it in my house near an east window. It did good for the first week, then I watered it again, and one of the plants literally flopped appeared to be rotting....really soggy at the base. I cut it off at the base, but the blooms on the other plants died off. Now I see some of the leaves are starting to turn yellow. I really want to keep this plant and get it to grow and produce white blooms, but I need to know what to do. I guess the first thing I need to do is put it into another pot. What size pot? And should I expect to find 1 bulb or more than 1 bulb? Should this plant go outside? How much water, how much sun. I'd appreciate any advice from you experts. Once I find out if I can save this plant, I'll get info on any resting period needed.

Thanks for your help.


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Since your plant was forced to bloom for Mother's Day it may be ready to rest. But if keep warm the hardy calla's do not go dormant. It's hard to tell which variety you have. Did it have a small flower and lanced shaped leaves or big flower with heart shaped leaves?
Here is a link to the two different kind. Once you know which variety you have I can answer your question better.
In the meantime repot it in a 12in diameter pot with fast draining soil. They love a lot a water but do not like to be in standing water or soggy.
Did yours come with a plastic sleve over the pot? These will hold water. Always remove the sleve.
Most of these calla below are not hardy. The flowers are smaller and leaves are smaller.
You will find lots of information on this site about how to care for them.

Here is a link that might be useful: hardy calla

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Since my plant is not in bloom right now, I can only guess which one it is. It had a small flower and and the leaves were not heart-shaped. From the pictures and description, it is the "Intimate Ivory" from the first link. I can only guess based on the fact that the leaves are solid green. They almost look like the leaves on a corn stalk. If not that one, I have no idea what it is. So if this is what I have, can I keep it alive? I did take the plastic sleeve off right away. Right now there are 3 distinct stalks, only 1 leaf is somewhat yellowish, the others are nice and green.

So I should put it into a 12" pot, right. Do I separate the bulbs if more than one. What about water, light, feeding, cutting back, etc. I guess I can take a picture of it and post for you to see.

Thanks for your help.


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Yes, repot it. The bulbs maybe to close together to seperate. It would be best to leave it til it fills up the larger pot.
If the bulbs are soft and mushy let them dry out awhile before repotting. After repotting water sparingly til new growth comes up. Then water freely til winter. Let them go dormant. Bring inside in a cool place but not freezing. Water only once or twice the entire winter.
In the spring when its warm (above 60) start watering lightly til new growth appears. ETC.
These are not frost hardy.
Read the link above for more information.

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I will repot tomorrow. Shall I just use regular potting soil? You mentioned that I should let the bulbs dry out before repotting if they are mushy. What about the green leaves? Shall I leave them or cut them back to soil level? How deep shall I plant the bulbs in the pot? Shall I leave the pot outside? What about sun vs. shade? So many questions, but this plant was a gift from my granddaughter.

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Regular potting soil with some builders sand mixed in for good drainage if you have it or some small pebbles. Not absolutely necessary though.
If it still has some green leaves don't cut them off til they turn yellow.
Plant the bulbs about one inch deep.
Put the pot outside in shade til it starts growing again. Then move to sun.
Leave outside til just before frost. Bring in and let it go dormant for the winter. Only water once or twice in the winter. Do not keep it wet. Take out in the spring. When warm water lightly til new growth starts. Then water freely.

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