Looking for Link for Calla cycles

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Hello, I found a link here in some thread that I can't find any longer, and it was a link to the cycle of the calla bulbs and how they reproduced and what to expect for the growth cycle year by year. Sound familiar? Does anyone know which link I speak of? Please point me in the right direction :-) Thanks if you can help!


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I suppose no one remembers said link. :-( It went into detail about what happens with the tubers in the 2nd, 3rd and fourth years if I recall correctly. It had a nice diagram (which is a little of what my photographic memory can recall) and it showed the tubers putting out little tubers and said what exactly to expect year by year from the newer growths. I was just wondering because after three years my Zantedeschia rehmannii (sp?) is finally reblooming or re-spadixing :-). I was wondering if I should hold out on the others (not get rid of them), but actually, since one has finally put up a "flower" I can rest assured that the others will eventually. If anyone can recall that site, please list the Uniform Resource Locator please (or URL :-))! Thanks again!


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This is not exactly what you're looking for but go to the calla ring and maybe someone can help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing callas

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Thanks cactusfreak! It was a cool link (german?) and it had a wonderful diagram of how the tubers multiplied. I guess I'll just have to learn what my tubers will do by digging them up and seeing how they multiply and take notes of when they flower :-) Hopefully that calla ring will help me immensely! Thanks again!


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