nova62(5)March 24, 2008

I have a small flower shop pink azalea. I kept it outdoors in the shade the first year (in a pot). I brought it inside in a mid-sunny window. It bloomed in Feb. Now it has lost the blooms. Here in Indiana it will soon be time to take it back outdoors. Will it bloom again ?, should I trim, prune or do anything to it? It has to be a potted plant here I have been told.

Thanks alot

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What, if any, azalea will grow in Indiana, outside?

again, thanks

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

They typically just bloom once a year, but when treated like you treat it, it could surprise you and bloom again. Alway prune just after it finishes blooming, because the new growth will start forming new flower buds in a month or two. It is more apt to bloom again after it goes through a cool spell. Some florist azaleas can be easily tricked into blooming twice a year, so good luck.

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hi, i also live in zone5 in in. yes there are many hardy azaleas that do well in z5. they are the native ones. they are decidous ,they bloom later that the exbury and norther lights they have a much better fragrance. the foilage color in fall is beautiful.

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