Xavier_CugatMay 17, 2005


I bought a 2.5inch konjac tuber from ebay

when i got it i planted it in a pot and watered it only once a week for two weeks. After contacting the person i got it from they gave me instructions that said not to water it at all till it started sprouting. I waited a little while longer but then grew concerned and dug it up--and sure enought the base of the bulb was a bit mushy. Horrified, i took it out of the pot and have had it sitting dry on a shelf for about a week. Now the whole bulb is firm--though a bit damaged underneath.When i dug it out it looked as if the stem had grown a tiny bit upward, but no noticable progress since What should i do now, and what is the correct growing procedure? I hope my bulb has not bit the dust!


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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

When it's "ready" you'll notice 'root buds' beginning to grow in sort of a halo around the base of the big bud. You can plant it right now in *slightly* moist soil- But don't water it at all untill it starts to grow. WHen it does, you'll know.

leave the tip pokin' up a little if you want- easier to see it growing, but once it does bury the whole thing under a few inches of dirt.

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Konjac is about as easy as it comes with amorphophallus.

What you might want to do is dab the area that molded with a bit of diluted rubbing alcohal .. and then let it dry just to make sure everything is nice and dead.

Like Krstofer said you may want to wait til you see root buds forming on the base of the shoot.

I dont know what your growing conditions are, but I know here in seattle we are still mildly cold and rainy..Someone gave me a tip about actually starting the bulb in a pot indoors. plant it about 2 inches down and give it just enough water to make the soil moist not wet.. and wait til shoot breaks the surface.. then put it outside in a nice sunny spot..


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