'George Tabor' azalea

alabamatreehugger(8)March 10, 2007

Will "George Tabor" grow in full sun in zone 8b? I know "Pride of Mobile" will, but I just hate that hot pink color. I am wanting to plant them next to where I planted some pines, but the pines won't be big enough to produce shade for another decade.

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i have a couple of them along the front of the house (north side) and, by this time of year, they are getting full sun and will continue to do so all through the summer. you can't see the foliage for the floral display! a bit of shade would probably help to extend the time before they fade but it sure is pretty while it lasts.
this site gets no winter sun until late february/early march.
i am in auburn, zone 8a.

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The nurseryman who sold me this azalea assured me it could be grown in our zone, but I think it is too cold as I get only a few if any of those gorgeous blooms, usually at the base of the plant. It is currently in the shade on the north side of house, maybe it should be moved to a sunnier location?

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Dear alabamatreehugger,
The Southern Indica azaleas are collectively called the "sun azaleas" because they thrive in full-sun locations. You should be able to grow 'George Lindley Taber' in full Alabama sun with ease.

oriole k, you are certainly right in thinking that Zone 6b is too cold for the outdoor cultivation of Southern Indian (Indica) azaleas. Some cultivars, e.g.,'Formosa,''George Lindley Taber,' and 'Mrs. G. G. Gerbing,' can be grown with some success in Zone 7b; but these relatively cold-tolerant Indicas are intolerant of the degree of cold in Zone 6b. I would pull up that Indica azalea and replace it with an azalea suitable to Zone 6b.

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One thing you need to watch for diligently with Southern Indicas in full sun will be lacebug infestation. Keeping up with the watering during dry spells goes a long way in preventing the stress that full sun can cause. Once those suckers (sorry) get started they can be a real bear to get rid of.

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