elephant ears are drooping

deveJune 1, 2010

Can anyone tell me why my ee elephant ears are drooping.I started the bulbs under grow lights and as soon as they came up I moved them to a eastern faceing window they get great morning light and have grown over 2ft with leaves 12in across but now the biggest ones are bending almost to the ground. Am I doing something wrong or not doing something I should be doing

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Can you post a photo? The term "Elephant Ear" is used for so many different plants in a variety of genera it is not easy to give the correct advice without knowing which plant is involved.

Since you said it is growing from a "bulb" which in an aroid would correctly be a tuber I assume it is likely a Colocasia but there could be at least two other genera involved: Xanthosoma and Alocasia.

Can you tell us about the soil you used and how often you water? If the soil is dry that could easily be the problem. These types of plants prefer fast draining soil that will stay damp but not soggy and you often need to add some extra materials to the soil.


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