Just sharing more strange pics

grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)June 14, 2013

This calla "captain Ibiza" has been a sight from day one!
I bought 2 of the actually, both had one red/orange impressive bloom, but I was drawn to the foliage...it's thicker and even more rubbery than most callas, it also has an unusual elongated firm to the leaf, very different than in used to. It's also shorter as well, I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call it a dwarf...
I'm guess its got some extra chromosomes, it's just a bit too weird to just be a highly hybridized, but I don't know...
They grew quick, pushed out several blooms each... Well several of those blooms emerged as doubles, with 2 spadices, facing opposite directions!
It still maintained much of the simple elegance that callas are so famous for, I was glad of that, I've never been much on callas, and I got these for my old lady, but like I said their foliage and form is very intriguing to me, she approved if the double flowers, so all was well. Her pretty plants had now become that much more interesting to me!
So flash forward a month, blooms abound, some single, mostly doubles, each different! And lots of the, the first blooms are still hanging, swelling with seeds, but still holding color, at 6 weeks, can't beat that!
They are slowing a bit, I may thin some "spent flowers" out, ill let the most mature seed out as they have a chance, being this early.
I've had my eye on this one bloom tho, it's showed about a week ago, well it opened and... I'm at a loss, it looks like Mickey Mouse and have a crest spadix!
Ill get pics up pronto!

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all that hype and no pics..im going to take a nap better have it fixed when I return

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Yeah. What Miketropic said........

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I forgot how...I know I have flickr...

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I am interested too . "this" post explains how to post using flickr acct.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I really just got spoiled posting on sites that make pics easier to post/

Here is a link that might be useful: My flickr

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beautiful blooms, but how come they look so different? the 1st one has this classic elongated pointed blooms, and the others are fat and rounded? did you know they would be different?
I love callas and got some last year - but they are not blooming for me 2nd year. either not enough sun or too warm? donnow... am envious.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

It's really hard to tell from the pics but the flower is monstrose...
That's why it looks so strange... Up til now my favorite flower on this plant grew about 5" tall grew a spathe, then another 5" of stem and then an full bloom, these 2 plants of just been nonstop fun, they had 3 I shouldve got that last one as well

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I was curious about your pics of corms/bulbs. could you put same labels on them? from which plants are they?

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

No! D :
The only one I can I ID is the one is the one I previously made a post here about, "Joseph Merricks foot" it's captain murano, they are from the captian series, but they were dug from a freinds garden, tags were gone, frost had knocked em back a month before and all the vegitation was melted, I dug for some time trying to find more, u couldn't even tell where they had been it was so late!
They are awesome bulbs, I'm growing the plants strictly for the bulbs, my old lady likes the flowers, and I'm coming to appriciate the foliage more all the time...
The captain murano have failed to put on much show, I forced em early in the GH, the bloomed and set seed so all their energy is going there I spose, as soon as they are ripe they are getting the chop! The entire plants are stalled out bug time! But worth it for the prospect of new genetics!

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so they are all callas? I wasn't sure about that.
you can match the color/height of blooms to pics in catalogs. approximately at least.
do they normally send out the bloom after a certain number of leaves unfold from one eye? my understanding is that they like to be cool - so they bloom when it's 70s?
but then they say some callas bloom in mid to late summer.
are they talking cool summers then?
at what temps did yours bloom?
and one more: do they bloom after a certain number of days? like 60? 90?
I am just trying to gauge how to make mine bloom and why they are not blooming. may be they're too young!
your corms look gigantic! do you know how old they are? or at least how long your friends had them?
I would love to get more, but if I can't make them bloom...why bother? I really love the flowers. AND the fact that they stay on forever.

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