interest about Foliage Anthurium

mahonimasJune 19, 2007

Dear Sir

I interest about Foliage Anthurium. Do you have the seed? I look for the seeds of anthurium, like anthurium superbum, anthurium reflexinervum, anthurium radicans, anthurium jenmanii, anthurium luxuriens, anthurium brownii,anthurium oxycarpum, anthurium trinerve. If you have the one, could you please give me about some information. Please give me the detail including the price if FOB Solo Indonesia.

Delivery can pass DHL or FEDEX.

Requests information as soon as posible.

Best regards

Sayogyo Utomo

Jl Raya Makamhaji No. 439 Kartasura

Solo Jawa Tengah Indonesia.

Zip Code: 57161


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Buying Anthurium seeds is not easily done. There are many reasons of which the chief is the difficulty in causing a plant to produce the seeds in the first place. The second is purely economical.

There are growers in southern Florida who produce them all the time, BUT, they have spent a great deal of time and money learning how to produce them. The majority grow the seeds themelves to seedling and small plants and then sell them at a much greater profit.

Growers in Indonesia often offer extremely low prices for large quantities of seed. Selling them for such a price, even several dollars per seed, is not practical to the grower who makes a living producing plants. One small plant can be worth $20 or more. A rare one can be worth $100 or more. Please read this link and you'll understand the issue better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Why Anthurium seeds are not easily available.

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