Lagenandra flowering again

tropicbreezentJune 6, 2013

Last season my Lagenandra lancifolia flowered while I was away. Just got back in time to see the last of the spathe disintergrating. However it's flowering again, although the spathe needs to open up a bit yet.

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It's a native of Sri Lanka.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

How did I miss this one?!?

I live the twisted spathe!

Can we get a leaf pic?

I'd have a time at ur place, I might end going native tho...

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funny, I googled it and lots of euro sites come up - French, Spanish, Italian, polish, Russian. but not much in uk/us.
it's used in aquariums? or ponds?

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I was given it without a name (and without a flower) so it took me quite a while to get an ID. That's what surprised me about it, what vague information there was came from Europe. I've never seen it anywhere here. The lady who gave it to me sells water plants, a lot of them aroids. She never told me where she got it from and I've never seen her put any up for sale. I've got 2 plants in the pot now and the second one is starting to put up a flower as well. I'm away from home at the moment but will have a look if I've got photos of the full plant with me.

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I dug out a photo of the whole plant

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