Arisaema consanguineum

bubba62June 17, 2007

Should I be concerned that my three Arisaema consanguineum have not emerged from the soil yet? It's always the latest species, but candidissimum and fargesii are in full leaf at this point, so I'm beginning to wonder. I learned a long time ago not to poke around in the soil too much; the result is usually a broken growing point. I know (intellectually, anyway) that if the plant's going to emerge, it eventually will, but by June the temptation to do "exploratory surgery" becomes pretty strong.

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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

My consanguinums have varying emergance times. The one that are growing on in pots from seed and not planted out in the garden are emerging. Mature ones in the garden emerge in late June or early July.
I live near Buffalo, NY and in Zone 6
I know ~ patience is a virtue with these guys!!!
One clone of tortuosum is emerging and another clone will be up in July. Fargesii are poking up and candidissimum are still "sleeping"....

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

I'm in he same boat. Candidissimum is up but still waiting for consanguineum.

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My new mail ordered Arisaema consanguineum is starting turn yellow. Is this normal?

The flower is already starting to turn to seed....

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

"Is this normal?"

If it has seed I'm gonna guess it came from a warmer climate where it's just "ahead" and thus entering it's normal dormancy. Mine usually go strong until late Aug early Sept then start shutting down. I try and keep them going as long as possible to ripen the seed and grow the corms larger. As long as the corm is solid I think you should be ok.

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Thanks! Yes, I ordered it from PDN, which is located in the south. Within a week after I received it started going down hill. It just toppled over last night. I hope its just the end of growing season, but I'm not sure.

It could be the soil. I planted my consanguineum in old potting soil. Maybe its holding too much water? I ran out of my good compost soil earlier in the season and all I had left was potting soil....

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Not sure about your consanguineum; it's possible, with the early spring we had in zone 7, that their plants came into growth early, resulting in an earlier end to the dormant season. Also, it's my experience that younger plants exhibit a shorter period of growth than those that are more mature.

At any rate, my consanguineums are finally beginning to break dormancy - I'll have to mark the date on my calendar so I don't get antsy about it again. It's by far the latest plant to emerge in my garden.

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