Your experience with Rhodie - 'Aglo Pink'

ShirleyD(z4b WI)April 23, 2006

I just purchased a new Rhodie yesterday - "Aglo Pink". The PJM is very common in this area and I wanted something a little different. I would appreciate hearing about your experience with it - hardiness, etc.

I also have another Rhodie - "Catawba Album" that has never bloomed. This will be its 3rd summer and I still don't have any flowerbuds! Every fall it sets a lot of buds but they all turn out to be leaves - not flowers! I have had problems with the squirrels chewing these off - they don't eat them, just leave them laying on the ground by the plant. I read the thread about solving this problem and will try some of the products to keep them away.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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I have 2 aglo rhodies in Minneapolis that have done quite well. The pink is a nice change from the monotony of the purple PJM. They're in bloom now and they are everywhere.

I'm not a rhododendron expert, but every one I have planted has flowered the next year. Too much shade? Perhaps it is just taking longer to settle in to it's spot since this will only be its third summer.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Probably it's just called 'Aglo', which is a pink one. The other one is spelled 'Catawbiense Album'. Flower buds are set once each year and then if removed before opening will not be replaced until the following year.

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ShirleyD(z4b WI)

Thanks for the replies! Gingkonut, if they can survive in Minnesota, I should think they would do well in Wisconsin too. I like the color too - it is a nice change from the PJM! Do you have any other rhodies that do well in the cold, windy winters that we have?

Thanks again!

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The only other rhodie I have is called Ken Janeck. It has done well too. White flowers with a pink tinge. This winter took out the third and final Purple Gem I planted several years ago.

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