ok to move my azalea?

deederbug8April 5, 2009

I search the archives to this forum and the results are no longer there - misplaced?

So I'm here to ask.

I have an azalea that isn't doing bad but not great either - it faces North and gets little sun.

I'd like to move this to a new location, but would like some advice on how, when and exactly the best 'where' location.

South would give full sun, West would give evening sun and East would give morning sun - If I move it further away from the house (North) it will get more afternoon to evening sun.

What are my best options?

Note: I am relandscaping my yard this spring so would doing so now affect the blooming?

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

It is a balancing act. Too much sun will lead to lace bug problems. Too little shade will lead to no flower production. So partial shade is the key. 4 to 10 hours is ideal.

Azaleas can be moved anytime, but it is best to avoid the time of active growth during and immediately after blooming.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to grow azaleas and their problems.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

A general rule to follow is you may move it any time the ground is not frozen and it is not in active growth - the period of active growth being immediately after bloom when new foliage buds are opening.

As for site, it's anything goes in my climate where I have frequent cloud cover and cool summers. For a Z5, East facing would be the right amount of sun and often works well, but winter sun in early morning can damage frozen leaves and flower buds of the early-flowering types. Southern exposures are almost always too hot.
West can work if azaleas are backed by other shrubs or trees, but up against a west facing wall/house may be too much afternoon sun/heat and plants will burn. North is usually safe in your climate.

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I appreciate the great advice!
I will prolly move it a little more North away from the house where it is most always shaded.
That way it will get a little more sun and no damage.
It is just now going thru cold to warm to cold again temperatures between lows of 20's and highs of 50's but very sporadically - so I don't believe I have any growth yet on this particular sparse azalea.
I did read about drastic pruning which I will greatly consider after it has flowered for hopes of a greater fuller shrub!
Thank You again for all the great advice....I can't lose with you people!

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