Aris. sikokianum self fertile?

bubba62June 26, 2007

After many years of blooming without setting seed (I only have one plant, and it has never reproduced vegetatively), my Arisaema sikokianum appears to be setting seed this year. I'm not complaining, but I was under the impression that this species requires another clone to achieve pollination - any ideas on this subject?

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MacDaddy(z6a NY)

They produce either male or female flowers. Usually male when they are exhausted and female when they are happy. One can't self pollinate because it's missing either male or female parts.

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Thanks, md- exactly what I understood. So how come mine now has a big spike of berries? I do have about a dozen other arisaemas, but none was in bloom concurrently with sikokianum. Interesting to see where this leads, I guess...

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