Help of Magnolias planted with Rhododendrons

jck3010April 17, 2007

Hi I have 4 rhododendrons planted in my back garden across probably about 25 foot, this part of the garden has bark on it and a rockery around it so has mainly been for flowers, the rhododendrons were already there when I moved in 6 years ago and are very established also there is 2 rose bushes, I planted 6 years ago a Magnolia which was in bloom when I bought it but has never flowered in 6 years, the leaves come out every year, not sure if it is growing in height though, I don't know if they grow quickly or slowly over a longer time. Any help very much appreciated. thanks

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Hello, jck3010. Magnolias are large trees that develop deep roots in fertile, well-drained soil whose Ph ranges from 4.5 to 7. They tolerate lots of shade but, as they grow older, they need more sun light. Since they use up a lot of the nutrients in the soil, try to add some soil ammenments to fertilize and lower the Ph (if it has become very alkaline... much higher than a Ph Level of 7). Be careful not to hit tree roots when digging and doing gardening projects as roots can extend beyond the drip line. Be careful not to overwater.


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