Non Pink Azalea suggestions for slope

lynn8989April 28, 2009

We have a gradual slope area in the front yard that is about 15 wide and 30' long. It has some rounded holly bushes and lorapetalums established but I could easily relocate them. Late Morning and early afternoon sun. Our house is an orangish brick so I want to avoid pinks. Do you think there is a purplish shade of Azalea that we can put on this slope? There are other white azaleas in the yard and my husband thinks we should just stick with more white. Other color suggestions?

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As you specifically reference purpleish azaleas, my most recent favorite is the Poukhanense. It has a pale lavender color which I find quite stunning. In the sun it has a reddish cast which makes its' blooms even more interesting. A smaller variant which might be good for edging larger white azaleas like GG Gerbing might be the Elsie Lee (same color but double blooms!).

Examples of darker purples would be Mildred and Amelia Rose. Amelia Rose looks good paired with smaller Pleasant White azaleas.

I like to plant a hedge of smaller azaleas in front of larger ones along short paths. This strategem might work well for you as well.

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