Monstera species/cultivar names

woodnative(6)June 27, 2007

I believe most older books list the large, "Swiss Cheese Plant" or split-leaf Monstera as Monstera deliciosa. I understand now that most of the common forms, and the variegates, are actually Monstera borsighiana, correct?? Is it a subspecies, rename or distinct species. I am also seeing ebay plants and variegates, of similar/same appearance, as (working from memory, could be wrong) M. pertusa. Can anyone help clear up this name game for me?

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I won't claim to be an expert, but my understanding is that M. pertusa/pertusum (sometimes seen also as Philo. pertusa) is an invalid synonym of M. deliciosa. M. borsighiana is a separate species with a growth habit and appearance much like M. deliciosa, but smaller, less cold-tolerant, and with inedible fruit. The more knowledgable sellers are listing their aureo- and albovariegated plants as M. borsighiana.

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