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cgambrell(8b GA)June 1, 2005

Hey All!

I thought ya'll might like to hear this. Well last year someone sent me a konjac bulb. Well it sprouted and grew and this fall i dug it up after it died down it had doubled in size and put off 1 offset. Well i put it in a dry place until it looked like it was growing again so i planted it well we had a large amount of rainfall so i dug it up and the bottom was smushy well i put it in my green house(which was a mistake) until i tought it was a better time to put in the ground but the whole thing was rotten so i put it in the ground to see if it would still grow which i knew would not happen. Well i dug around there yesterday and there were these little white sprouts around where it had rotted i thouight it was just a fungus but i dug more i relized they were more of last years offsets there are six rainging from dime sized to quater sized i am so happy!!!


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Silencer(z6 PA)

Well I think you like to use the word well a lot. Isn't well so swell, you lucky wellster you?

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

Hi Cody,
Well, I like to use the word well a lot too, so don't listen to Vic. I'm glad to hear your konjac is still alive, and it's nice to see a person excited about their plants.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hey Cody.....I can not believe you killed the momma that I sent you...Well, that is not so cool :o) Dan

p.s. Glad you still have some offsets!!

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cgambrell(8b GA)

Sorry DAN!!

Everything else is doing great. My paeoniifolius(bumpy stem form) is above ground. I am trying to wake up a A.paeoniifolius "Giant Form"(Which i am very excited about) and my A.Titanum is loving the heat and humidity!!! It looks very good!!! Any good tips on waking the paoniifolius up?????? i only watered it once(for fear of it rotting) since i got it and i didn't soak it, just enough for the water to run all over the tuber in its pot i left the growth tip unburied so i could see if it has any changes.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hi Cody,

I've never found I can rush mother nature on these guys....I do not water until the petiole is above soil level.....Got this one from Troy I assume.....It will be interesting to see if it is really enough bigger to make it worthwhile :o) Dan

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