Are you successful growing Syngonium?

susancarol(7)June 18, 2007

If so, can you please let me in on your secrets? I love this plant and want to be able to grow it from the juvenile leaf to the mature leaf version...

Thanks in advance.


PS..Just so you know, there's no way his can be grown in the ground in Virginia. :)

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moving on down...

No one's interested in syns...

sigh, oh well.....:)

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Susan, I've been successful growing in well aerated soils, in both clay and plastic. I just water when they're dry. Root feed with all purpose fert during the Spring and then only with Eleanors' foliar feed during the summer. They can get unwieldly, so don't be afraid to cut back if they do. They will reward you with nice new compact growth. I grow mine facing West, in dappled sunlight.

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Thanks Grow, I like them when they start to wildly vine around so the sooner the better. :)


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If you want to grow adult-form leaves, the plant needs to climb. Build that baby a totem! A five-foot piece of 1x3 pine wrapped in burlap and stuck vertically in the pot ought to do the trick. As the plant grows upwards, the new leaves will become more trilobed and less "elephant-eary".

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