Question about locating & planting Anthurium Plowmanii

beverlyflaJune 9, 2013

I just purchased this plant from the local big box store and want to make sure I locate and plant it correctly. I am in zone 10, in Fort Myers. My home has south, north and west exposures and some shade from pines and mahogany trees. Any suggestions?

Also seeing a bit of yellowing on the leaves. Too much water?

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Glad you posted a photo of your plant. It's quite different to mine. I bought mine a number of years back with the comment that the leaf edges would ruffle up. They're a bit wavy now, but far from being ruffled. I checked this site: plowmanii pc.html

They say the ruffles can be slight to very ruffled, there's a lot of variation. I put mine in a hollow log in good shade but bright light. It's growing quite well. It doesn't get a lot of water but seems okay with that.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

To me it looks like the hybrid called "Fruffles" have usually heard these called "Birds nest anthurium" These types generally IME need more sun and drier conditions than the flowering types . I'd place it where it could get morning sun and some afternoon shade.. I grew a similar type in dappled shade for many years
Since there are only a gazillion types of anthuriums ,not to mention hybrids tough to pin down??? gary

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Thank you garyfla & tropicbreezent for responding to my first question on this forum. garyfla you're right about the name I believe. The tag actually says Birds Nest Hookerii, but I had a hard time finding a pic that looked like my plant. I think, based on your recommendations, I will place it in the back of the home, facing south, slightly under my mahogany tree dripline. It will get the morning sun, but the tree will provide some shade in the afternoon. I'm planning to create a large plant bed under the mahogany so I have a space to locate a park bench and be able to look over the back pond, and be protected from the sun.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Think that will work for you. hurricane frances threw a shadehouse on top of mine so no longer have it lol.
Great site for a tropical garden!!! gary

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