Pruning short laterals off one side of cane

schoolhouse_gwJuly 19, 2011

I have an Abraham Darby that has developed very strong and tall canes over the last two years. The canes bent over nicely halfway and I was able to secure them to a wall. The canes have short laterals up and down them with many blooms and buds. Question:

Should I or can I prune off all the short laterals on the side that is now against the wall? they are being crowded and flattened somewhat. Would it cause die-back of the main cane?

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Removing the ones growing directly into the wall works in my experience. The main reasons the main cane would die back would be if the cane is bent too far downward, as the sap resists flowing too far downhill; there aren't any other buds there for sap to flow into, or if the light isn't sufficient to keep it growing. That's presuming the wall isn't hot enough to cook the life out of the cane in the first place and the rest of the conditions it needs to produce have been met. Kim

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Hard to say without a picture, but I'd be inclined to leave them alone. The more laterals, the more bloom in future. Foliage that is turned the wrong way will reorient to the sun if it isn't physically restrained, and then the laterals will look better. Cut them back to a few leaves after blooming.

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