Wilting Azalea

Britbear_April 27, 2014

I just planted azaleas about 5 days ago. Two are doing okay, but I have one that has been droopy and dropping leaves since the second day it was in the ground. I water the bed in the evenings for 20-30 mins. I planted in clay, but added some top soil to give better drainage..

Should I be concerned? Doe it just need more water? Should I dig it back up and add more soil amendment? Any tips would be great! Thanks :)

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Probably too much water rather than too little. Planting in clay rather than above it often leads to water logged soil which in turn leads to the roots rotting away. Adding top soil does nothing to make the drainage better. The only real solution for clay is too ceate a raised bed on top of it. It may ,unfortunately, be too late to save this particular plant given the symptoms you describe. You can try digging it up and potting it in a suitable medium to see if it revives.

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