Dranunculus vulgaris--a few questions???

firegurl(z10 CA)June 9, 2006

Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting in this forum. Hope everyone here is having a good season so far. With the help of a few other members I have identified a dranunculus vulgaris plant that is now growing in my garden.

Since I live so far south, this plant has already flowered for the season. Now the entire plant is dying back, I think this is normal after flowering right?

Also, it has produced a seed pod and I am wondering how to properly save the seeds. I would also greatly appreciate info on how to store this plant til next season. I don't have frost here but am afraid that it might be too dry or too wet with watering to leave it in the ground. I would really appreciate any suggestions from anyone who has grown this plant sucessfully it is so beautiful and I don't want to kill it. It didn't even smell that bad, only for a day or so. I had to rescue it from the abandoned lot near my house because they are doing the preliminaries for construction there.

Thanks in advance and Happy Gardening

:) Danielle


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Yes it is normal for them to die back after they bloom and produce seed. Mine are starting to do that now. I leave my tubers in the ground year round unless they need thinning. I have never saved the seed, but I think they should be planted shortly after they ripen and not allowed to dry completely. I don't know this for a fact, so maybe someone else can help with an answer to that question. Also, wear rubber gloves when removing seed from the berries. Check out the IAS website at www.aroid.org if you haven't already.

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firegurl(z10 CA)

Hi Jim,

Thanks so much for the info, I really appreciate it. I will definitely check out that website too. I thought this was normal just wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong because it's really hot here.

:) Danielle

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yes, they seem to wilt soon after flowering. this is my second year with them. i do not know how to handle the flowers and/or seed pods yet but I have noticed that in my case they will probably do better in sunny areas as opposed to shade. i am planning to dig them after they go completely dormant and transfer the tubers for more sun exposure. ask me again the result of this in 2 years. good luck and happy growing. my email address is joe_rizal_41@yahoo.com.

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firegurl(z10 CA)

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I have heard it is important that they have good drainage or they will rot in the ground. this is the first one I've had, it already has a nice fat seed pod, still green, I can't wait til they mature.

happy growing to you too, these stinky guys are pretty cool
:) Firegurl

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ornata(London UK (8/9?))

My two obligingly flowered this weekend. The flowers are incredible - photos just don't do them justice. I wasn't crazy about the whiffs of rotting garbage they gave off, but it's only for a day, and definitely worth putting up with.

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I use to have my D. vlugaris and my callas planted in full sun and they did fairly well but since I moved them to my back yard they are twice as big and the blooms and foliage last much longer. They now receive full sun up until 12:00 noon and are in the shade the rest of the day.

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dumbarton86(8b WA)

Attention please! The correct spelling is Dracunculus !! not Dranunculus!!!

My Dracunculus was miserable in 3/4 sun and deleriously happy in full shade.

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Now, now. No need to shout, Dumbarton86!


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I've had mine in the ground for about 6 years in full sun. I divided them 2 years ago and put some of the divisions in partial shade. Those don't do nearly as well as the ones in full sun. I'm going to move them to a sunny area this fall. I leave them in the ground year round and we have very cold winters with temps well below freezing. I've never tried to save the seeds either and would be interested to know how to go about it.

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Mine is a miget, but doing well. :) Arum

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Does anyone have some Dracs that theyd like to trade or sell ? IVe got lots of stuff to trade... some nice aroids .. Id also be willing to pay a reasonable amount for some nice bulbs..

Please email me at: Handspeakboy@yahoo.com


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So, Joe, I noticed you are in zone 5. Do you leave them in the ground over winter? I didn't think they were that hardy. I want some, but I'm not sure how to over-winter....

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Hey bonbon, what kind of Amorphophallus do you have?

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klavier(Z7 Baltimore)

They need increadible drainage. I have lost four of six of the ones I planted. I planted three 3 years ago, in an area that sits in water overthe winter. Big mistake, that was aking for trouble. Only one came up and it quickly rotted. I planted three more two yearsago. Only two ever came up, and have continued to do so. They grow fast, and I now have a handfull of marble sized offsets. Hopefully, they will also frow quickly and I will have many of the spectacular blooms. They are very susceptible to rot.

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I think mine is konjac. Just NOW starting to protrude the soil surface-

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Man O Day, my garden is full of Konjacs! My big Momma is on the porch, I'm trying to get it as big as possible. It spans about 4ft. :) Arum

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The same one that is just starting to peek out was 6' X 6' last year by this time.... Seemed like the bulb was trying to divide/2 nubs this spring after flowering, but now I just see the shoot coming from the middle... And Arum, I won't ask for a pic... :) -B

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Bonbon, I had a big one before this, that divided into 5 shoots, and when I dug it up it was 5 bulbs. Very disappointing, as I was trying to get the bulb to be as big as possible. Someone told me to pinch the small shoots that come up, and just let the big one grow,which seems to do the trick. Maybe I will eventually get a 40 pounder! Well, I now have a good camera, but to learn how to post em? Konjacs are sooooo easy to grow bonbon, I'm sure yours will be huge in no time! :) Arum

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starcar98(6 A-B MA)

Mine grow in full sun all day, and are like miniature palm trees. I live in Massachusetts and they are left in the ground year round.

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