Weird Spathiphyllum Leaf

plantomaniac08(8)June 17, 2013

I purchased this Spathiphyllum from a local nursery earlier today. I realize it's a little worse for wear and needs some TLC, but I see potential. Sadly, I'm not even sure which PL this is, other than it has leaves that resemble larger specimens I've seen (again, I believe it needs some TLC). I have a couple of questions regarding this plant, as I've noticed some weird "things" about it that I've never seen before.

First, it appears to have bloomed back to back (no leaves produced after the first bloom, but a second bloom was produced). Is this normal/common? I've had some PLs in my day but I've never seen one bloom back to back before.

Second, It has this odd leaf that looks like it was produced right before the first bloom appeared. Not sure if this is part of the first flower in some odd way or if this is just an odd leaf. Is the way this leaf looks normal/common (if it's not part of the first flower)?

A picture of the plant overall (I realize it's leaning, where they had it placed at the nursery, it was almost completely underneath the shelf overhead so I believe it was leaning for more light):

A picture of the weird leaf:

A side view picture of the weird leaf (hard to tell, but it connects to the stalk of the first bloom):



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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Could be a spathe that changed it's mind?? IME they turn green over time. There are variagated typed but that's usually a white edge on the leaves gary

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I could of sworn I responded to you earlier this morning. I must have eaten my own post. That's a possibility I didn't think of! I guess we'll find out if it is a spathe if it dies eventually. If it doesn't die... then the mystery continues hehe.


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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

A spathe is actually a modified leaf, it's not uncommon for some aroids to get confused, it's often a result of being treated with giberillic acid to force flower, not always tho

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Hmm, that is a good possibility considering this PL bloomed back to back (it didn't produce any leaves in between both blooms). Not to say back to back blooms is... impossible, but that might explain it. Thanks!

I had one more question regarding this PL. Am I incorrect in assuming that this will be a larger "cultivar"? I've noticed that larger PLs tend to have deeper ridges in their leaves (for a lack of better words); my smaller PL does not have ridges as deep as this one. Thanks again.


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I have another question. Will this PL straighten out eventually or do I need to repot it crooked to compensate?


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