Arisaema speciosum skipping flower straight to fruit

extragalactic(6b)June 8, 2009

I bought some large bulbs of Arisaema speciosum var. magnificum from a reputable seller and planted them five weeks ago.

One of them looks peculiar while it is emerging. There is no flower, but instead it appears to be going straight to the fruit stage:

Also, 1/3 leaves is mostly stunted with no sign of any insect/pest damage.

Is this behavior (skipping flower straight to fruit) common? Is the plant is possibly confused about what time of year it is because of the transplanting?

(There's another bulb nearby that is emerging exactly as I would expect -- foliage stalk with three good leaves and the beginnings of a flower -- which you can see in part to the right rear of the image.)

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

If I were a betting man I would guess your 'reputable seller' simply imported these in late winter from India as I used to do and so they were actually dug last fall.......having done this for well over 1,000 A. speciosum I can say that it is not uncommon at all for the spathe to not develop the first year and to miss a leaf blade as you have. Assuming you have them well planted and they come back next year you should expect a normal experience anyway. By the way, these are likely from Udai and Satyam Pradhan in the Darjeeling region of India :o) Dan

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Thanks for the info! That bulb history sounds like it could easily upset a plant's internal time-clock.

And it's amazing what tidbits of information you can find here (i.e., about the bulb's likely point-of-origin)...

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